Vet Craft Sport Fishing 

Captain Harvey Yenkinson     Captain Harvey

  • US Coast Guard licensed captain for vessels up to 25 tons
  • 27 years experience fishing the inshore and offshore waters of Cape May, New Jersey
  • Sport fishing writer for numerous publications including the Fisherman Magazine and the New Jersey Angler Magazine . Capt Harv has written in excess of 75 feature articles on the science behind fishing for stripers, fluke, tuna, black drum, and sharks. Capt Harv has presented numberous seminars for the Recreational Fishing Alliance and the magazines he writes for.  
  • Four time winner of the South Jersey Shark Tournament
  • Biggest Shark (565 lb. Tiger Shark)     
  • Second Heaviest Mako shark (275 lb.)
  • Biggest Blue shark (192 lb.)
  • Second Heaviest Blue Shark (200 lb.)                                                          
  • Winner of numerous striper, fluke, and tuna tournaments
  • Member RFA, NCMC, JCAA, Bass Barn 

  • Harvey Yenkinson, B.S., V.M.D. received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science from the University of Maryland in 1971 and his V.M.D from the University of Pennsylvania in 1975. He and his wife of twenty years, Sally, have 2 children, Rachel and Abby.

    As owner of Vet Craft Sport Fishing LLC, Captain Harvey Yenkinson is one of the most well known sport fishermen in the area. He has won numerous awards and sport fishing titles. Having been a boat captain and fisherman in Cape May for many years, he knows the "how, when and where" of fishing. He is a freelance writer of fishing articles for numerous fishing publications in the region and monitors an on-line fishing newsgroup for AOL. Capt Harv also posts messages on many of the regions fishing web sites.

    Captain Harvey's knowledge of the marine biology of the fish he targets provides for an interesting day of learning about the fish species of the Atlantic coast. Captain Harvey is very active in marine conservation and is a member of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association (JCAA),  national chapter of the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA), and chairman emeritus of the Pennsylvania chapter of the RFA.

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